Establishment of High School Sultan Abdul Halim in line with the need to meet the Malay developments in education in Malaysia after independence.

In 1958 a Malay-medium secondary degree has opened at the College of the Sultan Abdul Halim , Alor Setar with enrollment of 31 people . The number of students has increased to 791 people in 1963 . At this stage , there is a need to establish a special school to house students of Malay .

History begins when the flow of students studying at the Sultan Abdul Hamid College , Alor Setar absorbed into secondary school students of Sultan Abdul Halim ( SMSAH ) . They moved into its own building located at Jenan , Jitra , Kedah on May 7, 1963 . Complex area of over 51 acres has 27 classrooms, a large hall , a gymnasium and a cafeteria , two classrooms turned into romance while .

In 1964 , three dormitory buildings and a mosque was built . The opening ceremony was officiated by His Majesty the Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah , the Sultan of Kedah Darul Aman on 8 April 1965

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SMSAH Become an Ideal Institutions in Sustaining World-Class Education

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Human Produce Excellent and skilled in Multidisciplinary Science And Features Outstanding Personality

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